cake pops

7 Jun

Saturday, June 5th
(At precisely the time I should be putting my kids to bed)

This cake pop recipe and design comes compliments of Bakerella. I’ve followed this wonderful master of confectionary creations (yes, I just made up that word) since she appeared on Martha Stewart. I was enamored by her whimsical creations and have always looked for an opportunity to make these. This opportunity came about when I (I say this collectively with all the other classroom moms) decided to throw my son’s kindergarten teacher a bridal shower.
How I slaved over these pops carefully rolling them into perfection! I started the process 2 evenings before the shower so I wouldn’t be left overwhelmed (my, how I find myself there often!). The next morning I carefully extracted them from the freezer housed in our lovely MI basement. By the way, the story gets better if you actually know what a Michigan basement is, so this is where I suggest you Google it. As I turned to go back upstairs into the kitchen to finish the magnificent beauties, I somehow tripped (randomly) and as if in slow motion, I watched as over 30 pops slid on to the floor.
My first thought was, “I can save these!” as they’re tumbling onto the damp-ish cement floor, but what sealed their fate was their decision to swim in the industrial strength bag of absorbent that was seated conveniently by the freezer. Thus ended the life of cake pop batch #1.
Now many of you are thinking that a trip to the grocery store for horribly premade cookies would be the alternative. But alas, I am smitten by all things confectionary (can I use that word again in a grammatically correct manner?). So after dropping my son off at school, my 4 year old and I trudged to the grocery store for another box of cherry chip boxed cake and a can of frosting…and a box of white cake…and some American cheese singles…and, oh yah, I need bananas.  The process started all over after I posted the demise of the first batch on Facebook, because naturally all things tragic must end up as a status update.
Not only did I make these cakes and make additional trudges to the dollar store to get the styrofoam block they inhabit as well as the green moss that had to perfectly accompany the presentation, but I also made bite-sized Oreo truffles, cake balls and mini cheesecakes – all compliments of
In the end, I think they turned out fabulous, but I have to say that I never did try nary a one. I heard they were good, but I think my well-intentioned friends thought I was psycho for not buying the aforementioned stale grocery store cookies, ignoring my kids for an entire afternoon while they ate Poptarts for lunch and American cheese slices for dinner thus offering me accolades as encouragement.
So this page, Something Sweet, begins my walk into the world of presentational sweets. Maybe one day I will be able to join the ranks of Bakerella and actually execute my own creative ideas.  But for now, I will wipe the industrial absorbent off my hands onto my apron and copycat what others have blazed before me.


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