conversations with the young

7 Jun

How can you resist such cuteness and charm?

For some reason, Jack’s cogs started turning wondering about burglars and if they were to break into our house how they would do it. But I eased his mind telling him that God put a shield around our house to protect us. Little did I know (duh) that the cogs would spin out of control at this comment. And this is how our conversation turned…

Jack: So, there’s a force around our house that bumps them off?

Me: Well, um, sure, yes.

Jack: But it doesn’t bump us off?


Jack: What if they shot at us, would the force bump the bullet off?

{pause, pause}

Jack: Can the robbers break in our windows? Would the force around the robber’s house…do robbers have forces around them…around their houses?

Me: Only if we believe in God (are forces put around us).

Jack [sudden change in subject-ish]: Why does God know all the words I’m going to say?

Me: Because he created you and knows all about you.

Jack: That’s why he knows all the words I’m going to say?


Then a conversation begins between brothers as they debate how loud they can talk {pause} then think {pause} for God to be able to hear them.

Evan: How can he hear everyone at the same time if he doesn’t have 150 eyes?

Jack: How can he carry the whole world if he only has 2 hands?

No really, this is all in a 10 minute car ride to church. Things turned slightly doctrinal at this point.

Jack: If someone put a nail in him would he die?

Me: He did die.

Jack: That scares me.

Me: He already did it so you wouldn’t have to go to hell.

Jack: Is Jesus in hell?

Me: No, he’s in heaven with God.

Jack: When Jesus was down here did he have any pets?

{A side conversation ensues between Tom and Jack about the types of animals Jesus would own.}

Evan [to me]: So Satan was an angel and wanted to be God and then got kicked out?


One Response to “conversations with the young”

  1. Laurie Young June 7, 2010 at 7:07 pm #

    Love your blog, Kim. Your boys are so adorable!

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