b.i.g. dessert

12 Jun

a place for seriously big appetitesF.Y.I.: This post has nothing to do with a sweet confection that I created – though a life-sized cake of Big Boy (*see left) would be sweet {no pun or other witty mark intended}.

If you’re not familiar with the Big Boy restaurant chain, then…familiarize yourself with it. There is no redeeming quality to the food, and the name of the restaurant alone gives you a hint as to the menu (lettuce wraps and green tea are not served here) – as does the enormously large statue of a rather biggish boy. What mother wouldn’t want to dress her chunky little boy in red-checkered overalls with shellacked hair all the while holding a platter of beef?

Well, it must work because Little Boy Big draws in the masses with its enormous hamburgers and my favorite meal: Slim Jim, fries & a chocolate shake.

But I digress – this post should be about something sweet and that is where I land myself…literally. Last night after enjoying a much-needed girls’ night out eating Mexican food, we were drawn to the ever popular post-dinner-must-continue-talking-so-let’s-keep-stuffing-our-face option…DESSERT! And Big Boy just happened to be conveniently located across the street.

Now, do we continue to enjoy the authentic Mexican cuisine by indulging in fried churros, fried ice cream or fried…? NO, Big Boy’s swirling beef platter is calling to us! And by “swirling” I mean he’s a giant statue turning, turning, turning on a post outside the restaurant taunting passers-by (passer-byers? passers-bys? anyone?)

We loaded ourselves into the car and crossed the street. This is where a modicum of exercise would’ve come in handy, but driving seemed a much better way to let the Mexican food deposit itself in/on/around us before indulging in…DESSERT à la Big Boy.

And this is where I will share with you a recipe for “something sweet”. I will not mention the names of those at the table who did not order this heavenly delight. However, this dessert is meant to be eaten alone…which is precisely what I did. And here I sit in a sugar stupor…8 hours later…

Big Boy Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake

  • slab o’ cake
  • carton o’ ice cream
  • slab o’ cake
  • fudge, from a spigot {heated to a dangerously narcotic level as to put eater in a stupor}
  • whipped cream
  • cherry

Layer ingredients in above order. Slather on/in/around hot fudge. Top with an unimportant amount of whipped cream and let the cherry roll off and under the table.

This is what you’ll get…

And, thanks to Facebook, you can now “friend” it.


One Response to “b.i.g. dessert”

  1. Heather November 13, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    We need another night out, and this time I say we just head straight to big boy and save having to get back in the car :) xoxo

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