To Infinity and Beyond…oh wait…

18 Jun

As a child, I remember my mom hosting many different girl-themed birthday parties for me. And I also remember gobs of neighborhood kids who attended en masse these parties. Maybe my memory is creating a larger-than-life experience (as I don’t remember my siblings having huge blow-out bashes), but I certainly like reveling in the fact that I had fabulous birthday parties.

And here comes the “then/now” statement. That was then…now I have 2 boys of my own. There are no princess parties with magic wands, tutus and braided hair. I’m subjected to bounce house parties where we must exhaust our children at all costs (then liquor them up with sugar – not liquor).  I’ve been to Chuck e Cheese where “a kid can be a kid” but a mom is still a mom {“Don’t touch that knob; that little boy over there just licked it.”, “Did you just pee in the elevated tunnel?”}

Another now statement: Now I have two boys who share a passion of Star Wars. And so I have a couple requests for intricate Death-Star-fighting-matches-with-1o-characters birthday cakes. So thankful that their birthdays are 2 weeks apart…

But alas! Jack no longer wants to be the add-on to Evan’s parties even though they share the same friends. So now I have embarked on a mission to create two awesome, amazing, stupendously fun birthday parties that won’t be compared by brothers but in a small-ish sort of way. And short of hiring Duff Goldman to create a lifelike image of General Grievous (you can google him) or “Dark Grayvous” as the boys call him, I may be slapping together some boxed cupcakes topped with prepackaged sugar-molded characters (remember those?). Now do you think I would go ahead and do something like that? I guess you’ll just have to check back to “something sweet” before the summer is over.

So, what to do? Where to begin? I began with the design of Evan’s invitation which you can see above. {Jack, by way of when he came into this world, is having his invitations emailed to his two friends.} Not very enticing and will end up in every friend’s garbage can. But yet I’m still compelled to add depth and “an-invitation-like-no-other” to it. But…this is a start.


One Response to “To Infinity and Beyond…oh wait…”

  1. Amy June 18, 2010 at 5:00 pm #

    Cool poster. I also have a larger-than-life memory of my own parties and can barely remember my sister’s. I have been to parties for 2-year-olds that have the most extravagant themes. I love that about parents, especially moms, that they want their kids to feel like Superman/Luke Skywalker (or in my case Bionic Woman) on their birthdays and will go to all ends of the Empire to make it happen.

    And p.s. Happy Birthday to you!

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