Not So Sweet

3 Jan

It has been ever so long since I have posted a comment on my goings-on (going-ons?). But in lieu of pithy updated statuses, I am jetting straight to my year in review. Let me start by posting some photos of my results. You be the judge.

Incident 1: Waffle Wars. Who won?



Incident 2: “Healthy” Muffins. Does it matter what’s in them? 



Incident 3: Pancake Syrup. Note to self: purchase a kitchen extinguisher.





Incident 4: Crashed Potatoes. It’s really the dog’s fault. Notice the cord hooked around his ankle? 



Incident 5: “Healthy” Chocolate Chip Muffins. Note to self (again): stay away from healthy.



Plural Incidences: Preludes to Baking/Cooking



And now you know why I never blog. 

I’m too busy cleaning up after myself.




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