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29 Jan

Does your child climb the walls in the winter? Anytime?

This is an activity that invariably returns when they’ve been stuck indoors for too long.

Take, for example, Jack. He is a child who is constantly on the go. He, however, did not come up with this idea. It was Evan. And whatever the older brother does, the younger must follow.

This activity is not conducive for the downtime that may or may not have been mentioned by a certain parent. A certain parent who “escaped” upstairs to retreat from boys. And wouldn’t you know that a) children are like heat-seeking missiles – they’ll always find their MOTHERS and 2) the only hallway to scale happens to be upstairs.

{mind of child}: So, let’s see. We want to be by Mommy – even though we haven’t seen Daddy all day and he happens to be downstairs with the t.v. and has access to all the bad snacks – but she banished us from coming near her. How can I get as near to her without actually sitting on her?

{mind of mom}: Seriously?

At least they came up with this new sport and it did not include me. Until Jack scaled the wall and fell back down on the chair that he used to begin the process.

Now why do you need to sign your kids up for all those extracurricular activities? Just look within…sensei.