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5 Dec

The holidays would not be complete without one “blunderous” cooking expedition. And so it starts early in December that I share my story with you.

Twas the night before another day,

And all while I blog,

All creatures are stirring,

Including my dog.


The stockings are not hung,

Because the kids used them to skate with.

While hoping my irritation

Is all but a myth.


No sugar plum fairies

Dancing in their heads.

But wild calls for dinner

Head me into the kitchen instead.


And this is my tale and/or recipe.

Curried Butternut Bisque


1 butternut squash, peeled, seeded, and cut into pieces

1 c boiling water

3-4 chicken bouillon packets

2 c. milk

1c light cream or ½ and ½

1 T. flour

1 t. salt

Dash of pepper

1 t. curry powder

Cook squash in small amount of water. Combine with all the rest of the ingredients in blender. Blend…serve warm.


Sounds easy enough. It always sounds easy enough. This recipe comes from my Aunt Sue. She served this soup two days after Thanksgiving which to our family is “leaving” day – the day we leave our extended family in PA and head back to Michigan. This tasted so good to me: cozy, sweet and savory. Parfait! And as mentioned before, it sounded super easy to make.

I started my roasting my butternut squash {which I cut in half and seeded} face down in a baking dish filled ½ “with water (roughly). Once the squash was cooled, I put it into a blender with 1 cup of not boiling water, 2 tsp of powdered bouillon, 1 cup of milk and ½ cup of half and half. I did not add the flour. Added about 2 T or more of salt, way more than a dash of pepper (story to come) and approximately 2 tsp curry powdered. My aunt pointed out that this recipe is forgiving…good thing.

First, I questioned the boiling water. Was that to keep the ingredients warm so you could serve it right away? No, you dork! It’s to dissolve the bouillon. But, alas, I didn’t realize that until I tasted it and thought it tasted “bouillon-y.” But, I kept trucking along. Once all the ingredients were blending, I started adding salt, cinnamon (a couple…maybe a few shakes) and about 2 tbsp of brown sugar. When that was not satisfying to me, I added another “splash” of half and half.

{Pause.} Promised trip to the video store to rent a video game.


Dump ingredients in to large saucepan and heat. {Taste.} Ok, it’s starting to get there. As I was allowing it to warm, I started cleaning up my ingredients. I picked up my jar of bouillon and surprise, surprise, it “slipped” out of my hands and landed on the ground. Nothing happened. But, my mind wandered. That would be horrible if somehow it jumped back on the counter, split open and all the contents accidentally dumped in to my soup. Then I would have to start over. Quel horror! But that didn’t happen. Bouillon back in the cupboard, black pepper out.

I begin to grind the black pepper into the soup. Maybe it needs something spicy. But that whole mind-wandering thing scenario comes into play here.

Yah. So as I was vigorously grinding the pepper into the soup, the pepper cap BROKE and half of those evil spices jumped into the soup. I looked in horror at the black dots that filled my almost completed soup…and my mind began to race.

So, yes. I dumped the contents into the strainer. And yes, it eliminated most (but not all) of those creatures.


Tom [walking in to kitchen]: Are you hungry?

Me: I’m making soup.

Tom: What kind of soup?

Me: Butternut squash.

Tom [peering into the saucepan]: Oh.


And that my friends is my take on the butternut squash soup recipe. It’s very tasty. I recommend it. Minus the peppercorns.