Ode to Daphne

8 Jun

Dear Daphne,

You are lovely. You are kind. You are patient. You are obedient.

You have rightfully earned the nickname “Piggy”, but let me defend you. You are also fluffy and fluff goes a long way to a girl, am I right?

You peered out to me from the litter with your big, soft, timid eyes. I got to choose you – how lucky!

You like:

  • human food (obviously)
  • car rides (front only, please, even though the driver can’t see past the “fluff” to look out the passenger window)
  • laying on the bathroom floor (right in front of the tub which makes it hard to actually get in and out of since you don’t move)
  • did I mention human food?
  • sleeping
  • food?

You dislike:

  • being groomed (which makes the shedding-of-the-fluff part overwhelming)
  • diets
  • loud noises

You and me are the girls of the house.


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